One of the sources of richness of the Teacher Leadership Program at PCMI is its substantial network of teachers, institutions, and organizations. PCMI provides an opportunity to meet with the people who are defining math and math education today.

  • The alumni of the Teacher Leadership Program form a wide network of strong teachers around the nation. ┬áSome of these teachers meet in local groups, and others connect by social media. LINK TO OUR MAP, SOME SOCIAL NETWORK THINGS RE ASHLI
  • The Institute for Advanced Study, by its standing in the world of mathematics, brings eminent mathematicians to PCMI who interact with PCMI participants in all programs.
  • PCMI has close links with Mathematics for America, which sends a substantial delegation of its teachers to the Teacher Leadership Program.
  • The work of the teachers with the Common Core is sent to Illustrative Mathematics, which is at the heart of efforts to support good mathematics teaching through the Common Core, as a resource for their outreach programs.

For me, it’s about the people. I’ve made some amazing connections at PCMI that have put me on a trajectory that I could only have dreamed of previously. Now, that path has become reality. I am not only a member of NCTM, but now I am presenting at 2 upcoming regional conferences and am on a planning committee for future regionals–all thanks to Fred. I have co-facilitated PD in Idaho, both through c-TaP and IM. It’s just awesome to me what a difference PCMI has made

The most stimulating component has been collaborating with colleagues. In addition to the formal classes that we took here, I have so many resources to look into that have come up in more casual conversations with people here. We have learned so much from each other, and the network of people that I can now connect with is an invaluable resource.