The Park City Mathematics Institute Teacher Leadership Program is a great experience for teachers.  But as an administrator, what is the value for your district or institution of sending teachers to PCMI?

The answer is that the PCMI experience develops leadership and a depth of understanding of the Common Core to a degree that is difficult to match.  The PCMI program covers the spectrum of what it means to teach,  taking enough time to effect major changes in teachers.  The unique environment that embeds the Teacher Program alongside active mathematics research programs provides a subtle extra benefit of helping teachers see how mathematics is done outside of K12 and reminds them that they are part of a larger mathematical enterprise.

The PCMI Teacher Leadership Program

  1. is extensive (3 weeks) which means a serious reorientation of teaching can happen
  2. provides the space, time and colleagues to expand teachers’ ideas about how and what to teach
  3. is focused on connecting research to practice, through hands-on experience
  4. creates teacher leaders who return with resources to *continually* bring good teaching practices into their departments
  5. has a proven track record (based on the feedback of those who have attended)
  6. provides teachers experience in both collaborative group learning and challenging new math ideas in formats they can implement with their students
  7. connects teachers with resources and institutions playing a key role in mathematics education, including the Common Core State Standards, giving teachers tools for helping their colleagues when they return home
  8. offers six quarter credits of university upper division/graduate credit mathematics at a very low cost, much less than typical university summer school tuition

For information related to cost and enrollment packages, please contact us.

John Ewing of MfA
John Ewing, President of Math for America, observes the morning math class.
Morning Manipulatives
Morning Manipulatives